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Please first create an account. Accounts created through this portal are Corresponding Author accounts (also known as Submitting Author). The person who creates the account, and submits the abstract/manuscript should be the Corresponding Author. Only Corresponding Authors can submit abstracts and manuscripts, as well as view the review status of their submissions. If you need a Reviewer account, please contact ISEC at If you already have an existing author account from a previous conference, you still need to create a new account for this conference.

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Guidelines for Manuscript Submission Updated 21 Sep 2016

This page carries instructions for manuscript submission. If you have not submitted and gained approval on an abstract, please first submit an abstract. If you have approval for an abstract, you may proceed to read below and submit your manuscript.

Guidelines for manuscript preparation can be downloaded in either MsWORD or PDF formats. Authors may use the WORD document as a template for preparing their manuscript. Please note that the maximum permissible length of the manuscript is SIX pages, while the minimum permissible page length is FOUR pages. Once the guidelines are strictly followed, authors will know whether they are within the page limits.

Author must take pains to format their manuscript correctly. Incorrectly formatted manuscripts can delay the approval process and may be declined.

Editors have the right to edit a manuscript for length and substance corresponding to the ASEA SEC 3 style and guidelines.

Copyright Transfer Agreements (CTA) must be submitted with the manuscript. Please download the CTA, write in the information, scan, and upload along with your manuscript.

All manuscripts must be submitted at the ASEA SEC 3 website. The deadline for submission is listed under key dates. Early submission and registration is encouraged.

Only papers from authors who have fully paid the registration fee will be published in the conference proceedings. The early bird deadline for payment of registration fees is given under key dates. The fee will rise after that as per the payment schedule shown on the flyer. Authors (including co-authors) may submit up to TWO manuscripts for one registration fee; for each additional manuscript published an additional fee must be paid, as shown in the payment schedule.

Should you have any questions in regard to manuscript submission, please contact the ISEC Secretariat at

All the best; we look forward to seeing you in Sarawak.

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