Analysis of Structures

Nonlinear Analysis of Japanese Traditional Wooden Frames with Fitting-type Joint
Naoto Idate, Yukimasa Yamada and Noriko Takiyama

An Application of Hyperplasticity to Determine the Behavior of A Plane Stress Cantilever Beam
Hai Than Nguyen and Lam Nguyen Sy

Numerical Analysis of Axially Loaded Cold-Formed Steel Built-up Box Section
T.C.H. Ting, H.H. Lau and M.S. Joo

Numerical Studies of Concrete Plates under Localized Blast Loads
Sofia W. Alisjahbana, Wiratman Wangsadinata and Irene Alisjahbana

Performance Confirmation Test for Timber Column-Ground Sill Joints Reinforced with Aramid Fiber Sheets
Akari Yamaguchi, Xinyan Chen and Noriko Takiyama

Shape of Yield Surface Estimated By Using Natural Strain Under Pre-Deformation of Shear After Uniaxial Tension
Yasuyuki Kato

A Study on the Pushover Test and Numerical Analysis of GFRP Frames
Yeou-Fong Li, Bo-Shiang Wang and Jian-Yu Lai

Fire Spreading Analysis of a Group of Wooden Houses in Townscape Formation District
Tomiya Takatani