Quality, Cost Control, and Sustainability

Analysis of Economic Determinants of Affordable Housing Prices
Abdullateef Olanrewaju, Lee Lim Tat, Seong Yeow Tan, Mine Naoto, Zafarullah Nizamani and Abdul Rashid Abdul Aziz

Causes of Variation Orders for Mega Construction Projects
Samer Ezeldin and Amr Khaled El-Sadek

Safety and Health Site Inspections For On-Field Risk Analysis and Training
Marco L. Trani, Luca Beretta, Giada Nicolini and Manuele Cassano

Challenges in the Implementation of Quality Control Techniques During Site Inspection
Nur Nabihah Abd Razak, Intan Rohani Endut, Siti Akmar Abu Samah, Ahmad Ruslan Mohd Ridzuan and Sabihah Saaidin

Near Zero Energy House (nZEH) Design Variables for Housing Development
Yusuf Latief, Mohammed Ali Berawi, Leni Supriadi, Jade Petroceany, Ayu Herzanita and Ario Bintang Koesalamwardi

An Entropy-Based study on the effectiveness of prefabrication in achieving sustainable construction
Peter S. P. Wong, Luke Edmonson and Michael Phillip Kanellopoulos

The New Toll Road Financing Model Determination
Ayomi Rarasati, Lukas Sihombing, Andreas Wibowo and Yusuf Latief

Multiple Criteria Evaluation of Assembling Buildings from Steel Frame Structures
Ruta Miniotaite