Bridge and Structural Health Monitoring

Development of Embedded Mini-sensor for Diagnosis of Corrosion of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete Nondestructively
Mohamed A. Ismail, Han-Seung Lee and Mohd Warid Hussin

An Investigation of Corrosion Environment of a Bridge Constructed in Mountainous Area
Kazuto Maruyama and Toshihiko Aso

Diagnosis of Bridge Bearings Based on Field Measurements
Naho Shibasaki, Mariko Ikeda and Masahiro Sakano

Remaining Life and Corrosion Limit of Corroded Truss Bridge Focusing on the Ultimate Strength
Hiroaki Fukuda, Naoyuki Asao and Katashi Fujii

The Benefit of the New Super U-Beam Used For Section 4 of a West Coast Expressway
Ong Jiundar and Lokman Hassan

Scissoring Origami Inspired Deployable Bridge for a Disaster
Kotaro Adachi, Ichiro Ario, Yuki Chikahiro and Shuichi Ono

The Influence of Temperature and Humidity on Rust Growth on Weathering Steel
Ryoya Nagata, Shusaku Tachibana and Toshihiko Aso

Remaining Strength Evaluation of Plate Girders with Corrosion Near Supports
Naoyuki Asao, Katashi Fujii, Hiroaki Fukuda and Ryuichi Yokota