Construction Law and Technology

The Development of Anatomy of Construction Dispute
Felix Hidayat and Biemo W. Soemardi

Practice Experience and Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Project Management: A Case Study
Silvia Mazzetto

Will Tradesman Collective Wage Agreement be exempted from the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance?
Sai On Cheung

A Concentration Study of the Private New Residential Units Market
Sai On Cheung and Yuhan Niu

Building the Education Revolution (BER) Program: Governing the Implementation of Project Policies
Duro Kolar, Derek H. T. Walker and Peter S. P. Wong

Factors Affecting the Full Implementation of Building Information Modeling as a Construction Management Tool
Swapan Saha and Scott Jessup

A Decision Support System for Methods of Measurement in Construction Projects
Abdelrahman Magdy and Samer Ezeldin