Hydrothermal Durability of Adhesively Bonded FRP/Steel Joints
Mohsen Heshmati, Reza Haghani, and Mohammad Al-Emrani

Experimental Study on Shear Resistance Evaluation of Perfobond Strip without Penetrating Rebar
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Flexural Behavior and Shear Connection of Shallow Cellular Composite Floor Beam
Shiming Chen, Toi Limacei, and Ping Gu

Experimental Assessment of Concentrically Loaded Pre-Stressing Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Columns
Aman Mwafy, Amr El-Dieb, and Abdulaziz Lazkani

Dynamic Testing of Soil-Steel Composite Railway Bridge
Damian Beben

Experimental Breaking of a Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girder Reinforced with Bonded FRP
Adrien Houel, Christophe Aubagnac, Didier Germain, and Jean-Philippe Mahierault

Bond Behavior of Reinforcement in Lightweight Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Klaus Holschemacher, Ahsan Ali, and Shahid Iqbal