This article is based on an invention focused on absorbing and redirecting forces two dimensionally or three dimensionally in any mechanism that relies on force resolving members, so more benefits of the mechanism can be achieved. This Assembly is focused on new ideas for framing and connections to resolve forces so the rigidity between members can be minimized and the Assembly can sustain performance under longer durations and more unique loadings, i.e., seismic loading on structure. The Assembly uses several techniques and fundamentals for efficient force dissipation with, or without deflection while creating a controlled rotation when loaded. The allowable arrangement of the Assembly within itself (web members within outer and inner rings and arcs), and as an assortment of assemblies, can be limitless. This arrangement, configuration of web members, numbering, width and flexibility, can be arranged for a predictable and controlled deflection or rotation in any direction, due to loading from any direction and type, thus creating a load bearing and load dissipating Assembly with greater efficiency, and advance the life of interacting parts under loadings, i.e., seismic loading of structures. This Assembly, in particular the web members, can be an arrangement and properties of arcs to offer a desired response, as well as create a rotation when loaded.

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