Holistic Overview of Structural Design and Construction
Limassol, Cyprus, August 3-8, 2020

ADR and LADR Workshops

ADR Workshop, August 4, 2020

The Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Workshop is sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Cyprus. This workshop is held alongside EURO-MED-SEC-3. The registration fee for this event is $195. But one constraint of this registration is that these registrants may not attend the regular EURO-MED-SEC-3 sessions. However, the EURO-MED-SEC-3 registrants can attend the ADR workshop at their option.

The LDR track papers of EURO-MED-SEC-3 will be held in the morning, as well. All ADR workshop attendees may attend the International LADR workshop.

2020 International LADR Workshop, August 3-5, 2020

For information of abstract submission, please visit For manuscript submission, please visit For key dates, please visit

Registrants to the LADR workshop must attend the LADR workshop events in the morning; they may attend the ADR workshop events in the afternoon.

The registration fee for the 2020 International LADR workshop is $195, which covers lunch and coffee/tea breaks on August 4. Registrants will not be allowed to the EURO-MED-SEC-3 session. Registrants may sign up for EURO-MED-SEC-3 events by separate payment.

Registrants may sign up for the Welcome Reception on August 3 and the Dinner Banquet on August 5 upon the payment of the additional fee for those events.

The articles in this LADR workshop go through a separate peer review and are approved for publication in the ASCE Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction.

The 2020 International LADR workshop is co-sponsored by the ASCE Construction Institute.