Holistic Overview of Structural Design and Construction
Limassol, Cyprus, August 3-8, 2020

Technical Program and Keynote Speakers

The Technical Program includes:
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Keynote Speakers

Christis Z. Chrysostomou
Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis

Christis Z. Chrysostomou
Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering and Geomatics
Cyprus University of Technology

Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis
Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering and Geomatics, Faculty of Engineering and Technology of the Cyprus University


“Are we safe from earthquakes?”


The ‘EXCELSIOR’ H2020 Teaming Project and the ‘Eratosthenes Centre of Excellence’ in Cyprus: Remote Sensing for the benefit of Civil Engineering and Geomatics


Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon that is with us since the creation of the Earth and have devastating effects on the built environment. The shaking of the ground affects through inertia forces, fires, landslides, tsunamis etc. the everyday-life of people causing deaths and interruption of the normal life of the society. The probable effects of an earthquake at a specific area and at a given time-frame are described by the term “seismic risk”. The two components of the seismic risk are seismic hazard, which is a natural phenomenon, and vulnerability, which can be affected by human intervention through prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. In this presentation, the actions taken by the Cyprus Society in these four main sectors of action are presented and conclusions are drawn.