Holistic Overview of Structural Design and Construction
Limassol, Cyprus, August 3-8, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What does early bird registration mean?
  • It means you get a discount when you register by the early date.

  • Do I have to meet the early bird registration deadline if I wish to publish my paper?
  • Yes. However, if production deadlines permit, and at the discretion and approval of the editors, manuscripts submitted after the early bird deadline may also be accepted. However, don't depend on it.

  • Can regular registrants participate in A/P programs and A/P tours?
  • No. A/P programs and A/P tours are for spouses, children, girlfriends, boyfriends, and such accompanying persons who are not authors or coauthors.

  • Can an author sign up as an accompanying person?
  • No. If an author does sign up as an accompanying person, he/she will have to pay make-up fees to bring their registration up to the regular/student registration rate.

  • How many papers can one author register for without additional fees?
  • Two. In addition, the registrant must be an author/coauthor in each paper. So for instance, three coauthors may submit up to six manuscripts if they are authors/coauthors on at least two each. In such case, there will need to be three people registering.

  • How many papers can I submit for the cost of one registration fee?
  • Two.

  • What if I've paid the wrong amount?
  • No worries. If you have underpaid, you can pay additional fees using the "make-up fees" option in the store. If you have overpaid, ISEC will refund you the excess amount.

  • When can I get a full refund? Partial refund?
  • Refunds are processed per the return policy. See the return policy under the Registration page

  • Can I transfer my registration to someone else?
  • Yes. Provided you advise us of the name and other contact details of that person.

  • Will all authors receive copy edited proofs?
  • No. Authors receive copy edited proofs only under the following circumstances:

    i. If the copyeditors require the authors to revise the manuscript for any reason.
    ii. If the author submits a request in writing that they want to make minor changes such as to the byline and title.

    If everything is OK with the manuscript after the copyediting process is completed, the authors will not receive a proof of the manuscript.

  • Will authors have a chance to make minor changes after submitting the manuscript and receiving full acceptance?
  • Generally, no. The exception is only when authors are sent manuscripts for revisions by the copy editors. Also see the answer to the previous question above.

  • How do I sign up for events such as reception, lunches, dinner banquet, and tech tours?
  • By selecting the appropriate categories from the pull-down menus during the registration process.

  • What benefits do accompanying persons get?
  • Accompanying person (A/P) registration includes lunches and coffee breaks, reception, and A/P tours during the main conference. Further, they are are eligible to attend the dinner banquet and technical tour upon the payment of additional fees.

  • Are cultural tours at extra cost?
  • Yes.

  • Are technical tours at extra cost?
  • Yes.

  • Are dinner banquets at extra cost?
  • Yes.