Interdisciplinary Civil and Construction Engineering Projects
Cairo, Egypt, July 24-29, 2022

Welcome to EURO MED SEC 4

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Fourth European and Mediterranean Structural Engineering and Construction Conference (EURO-MED-SEC-4) to be held in Cairo, Egypt, from July 24 to July 29, 2022. The conference theme is “Interdisciplinary Civil and Construction Engineering Projects”. The conference aims to tie a strong bond between different engineering disciplines and because of that not only civil and construction engineers and scholars are invited to submit their research work to the conference; but also, all colleagues from different engineering backgrounds are encouraged to submit their work provided that it is related to the civil or construction engineering field. The conference will provide an excellent opportunity for local, regional, and international scholars with different engineering backgrounds to connect with each other and to interact on contemporary interdisciplinary research work with wider research scopes.

Egypt is the land of the great Pharos. Ancient Egypt is one of the oldest, more than 5000 years old, and culturally richest civilizations of the world. The ancient Egyptians are known for their prodigious culture, the ever standing pyramids and the Sphinx, the Pharaohs and the once a majestic civilization that resided by the banks of the Nile river. Cairo is the heart and the capital of Egypt; it has so many sightseeing; like for example, the pyramids, sphinx, sun-boats, grand Egyptian museum, Islamic Museum, Coptic Museum, the citadel, and many more. Also, Cairo is overlooking the great charming Nile, which is the vein of Egypt as the Egyptians love to call it and as the ancient Greek historian Herodotus said: “ Egypt is the gift of the Nile”. Egyptians are a very welcoming nation with great hospitality and this always results in people visiting Egypt want to revisit it again.

Nile University is a world-class research university and is well known nationally and internationally for its wide and vigorous research activities. The mission of the Nile University is to contribute to the technology-driven economics in Egypt and the region, through the pursuit of education and research at the highest level of excellence. The university has under its roof many engineering majors in both the undergraduate and the graduate level; this is beside other majors in science and art. Nile University is also engaged in academic and research cooperation with many top-ranked universities in the US and in Europe.

In the end, we would like to welcome you to the EURO-MED-SEC-4 conference, to Nile University, and to Egypt. We wish you a pleasant experience and a pleasant stay.

Kind regards,
Sherine Ahmed El Baradei, PhD, Conference Chair
Ahmed Gomaa Radwan, PhD, Conference Co-Chair